Brick Oven Cooking for Every Backyard

At New American Ovens, we provide quality ovens that allow you to enjoy the
benefits of cooking in charcoal fired outdoor ovens. Our patent-pending
table top design makes cooking and entertaining affordable.

The Oven- more than a Pizza Oven

The most innovative brick oven on the market. Our ceramic brick ovens have been designed and crafted in America using the highest quality ceramic and metal. Cook with charcoal or wood fire to create convection heat.  The patent pending hearth offers even distribution of heat , a cooking surface unlike any other.  Accurate temperature control and fast start, it is more than a pizza oven. Slow cook and smoke meats, bake artisan breads, pizza, pastries, and much more.

What you will like

because we’re cooks too

Charcoal Fueled

Fueled by wood or organic lump charcoal to ensure efficiency and consistency while cooking.  It burns longer and more efficiently, allowing high temperature cooking without any additional chemicals.

Patent-Pending Hearth

The hearth is our patent-pending design that distributes heat better than any other surface. This results in moister meats, perfect pizzas, beautiful pastries, and anything else you can cook.

Accurate Control

Our ovens start quickly and using the dampers allows easily controlled cooking temperatures that can be maintained for many hours. This will produce consistent cooking results time and time again.

Glass Window

Our oven, which is proudly made in America, features a glass door window that displays our quality  craftsmanship. This feature allows you to entertain guests and watch your food cook to perfection.

Our Best

Proudly Made in America

We are proud to produce our ovens in the USA, where quality and innovation are 100% American traits. Our quality is unsurpassed in comparison to other backyard pizza ovens. There is no other oven like it on the market.

No Installation Required

No expensive masonry work is needed to complete your backyard kitchen. The New American Oven is designed for tabletop use-and goes to work right out of the box. Attractive design and affordable to use. A winning combination.

2-Floor Cooking System

The two floor cooking system separates the firebox from the cooking surface. Heat is evenly distributed, without hot or cold spots, no charring or scorching of the food. Cooking and entertaining is easy, and your food will be perfect.
Recommended by reviewers

Recommended by Brands and Reviewers

Besides our customer’s testimonials, we’re recommended by chefs, food reviewers and small BBQ businesses. Don’t take our word for our quality, listen about us from people that have experienced the luxury first-hand. 

Our ovens come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The New American Oven has a limited lifetime warranty on all ceramics, a limited five year warranty on metal parts, and a three year warranty on the cooking hearth. You can be sure that we stand behind our product quality and want to ensure you and your family years of enjoyable outdoor cooking.

How to use our Oven

you'll be cooking and entertaining

Installing the New American Oven

Get the most out of your new oven! Easy to set up and easy to use. No expensive custom installation. Follow New American Ovens on YouTube for more videos like these, and product demonstrations.

Starting the New American Oven

Video demonstration of the easy starting and lighting  of The New American Oven. Keep the heat out of the kitchen- move to the back yard or patio for quick and easy cooking and baking.

Cooking with the Oven

Become a backyard chef, and entertain in style. Much more than a Pizza Oven~Suggested pizza spread: Real Deal Bbq Sauce. they’ve got some crazy good spreads that y’all must try for once at least. YouTube: NewAmericanOvens

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