Outdoor patio trends for 2016 include many options. Landscaping adds colour and texture, achieved with plants, vegetation, stone, and hardscapes. Fireplaces and conversation areas surrounding fire pits are one of the top areas of interest in outdoor design. Outdoor or all-weather furniture options are now endless. Outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity, with a variety of accessories, available in many price points to suit a wide range of homeowners. Outdoor bars are growing trend, that can easily be incorporated into the outdoor kitchen and entertainment area.

Landscapee.com is a great site and resource for design ideas and DIY help. Adding a patio bar can be as simple as a weekend project, or part of a complete backyard renovation. http://landscapee.com/home-design/patio/bar.php

There is great software available now to help with design ideas. HGTV is always a great resource for inspiration and HOW-TO knowledge.
There are many options for that outdoor kitchen design. No longer is the standard patio setup a simple gas grill. In addition to outdoor lighting, sound systems and TV’s for entertainment, the cooking options have expanded greatly. Gas grills have more options, charcoal grills, smokers, pizza ovens, fryers, share space with prep stations, sinks, and even dishwashers. The New American Oven is an easy addition to the outdoor cooking area. It ships in two boxes- set in place on a sturdy surface, set the ceramic dome on top- and start cooking! Perfect bread, pastries, side dishes, roasts, and pizza- and simple to use for even a beginner.

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New American Oven completes the backyard kitchen

Find the right design and plan to create your backyard room- cook, entertain, and live fully at home!