So much more than a pizza oven- The New American Oven is a versatile addition to the outdoor kitchen.

A traditional brick oven requires an expensive installation and is a permanent addition to the backyard. It takes time and skill to build the fire, and accurately control the temperature of the fire.

The patent pending design of  The New American Oven solves all the problems facing a homeowner who wants a pizza oven- but not the investment and commitment.

It fits on a tabletop or counter. Though it is not a “portable oven”, it can be moved if needed. Easy assembly, it goes to work right out of the box.

It is designed to create perfect “draft” or air flow- convection cooking in ceramics. The high quality, American made ceramic materials creates moister meats, golden brown crusts, and better-tasting food.  The patent-pending hearth distributes heat evenly- no hot or cold spots on the cooking surface.  NO heat saturation and NO pizza stone is needed for the perfect pizza.

Accurate temperature control is achieved using the damper system. Simple design, easy to use, consistent results. Open both dampers fully to ignite, slowly close dampers to achieve the desired temperature.  Close dampers fully to extinguish (remaining charcoal can be re-used) Set and maintain desired temperatures for many hours, or move dampers to cook several recipes at different temperatures. For example: finish cooking your pizzas at high heat, then quickly and accurately adjust dampers for lower heat for dessert!

The glass door allows viewing while cooking- adding to the entertainment. The party is on the patio, and everyone can join the fun!

Easier, more consistent, better results,  and more affordable than a “built-in” pizza oven. The New American Oven takes baking and entertaining to a whole new level.

Invite some friends, plan the menu- and start enjoying that backyard oasis!